Webuzo for Vanilla  v.

Vanilla Forums are open-source, standards-compliant, customizable discussion forums.

Vanilla and Chocolate  v.2 72

Vanilla and Chocolate is a time management game that puts you in charge of an Ice Cream shop, with a main objective in mind: becoming the apprentice of the Legendary Sven Minski.


Vanilla Baby  v.1.0

If you're looking for an inexpensive and instant digital video create and edit software, Vanilla BABY lets you easy to create Live and On-demand video in real-time on your PC cost effectively. You can encode to Windows media video or Real media

Vanilla Content Management System  v.5.1

Vanilla is a system based on content management and structurallinking.

Cooking Game- Cranberry Christmas Fudge

Cooking game: make a cranberry christmas fudge. Use given ingredients: semisweet chocolate, can condensed milk, tsp. vanilla, white chocolate, cream cheese, dried cranberries. For more cooking games visit , the game also

MG Soft Exotic Options Calculator  v.1.0.3384

Application designed to calculate the value and greeks of vanilla and exotic options, primarily via Monte Carlo simulation.


It focuses on gameplay improvements without changing too much the overall vanilla 'flavour'. Generally it tries to correct the 'No Likes' of my review which you can read at this Link.

RCON for Minecraft  v.

RCON for Minecraft lets you manage your Minecraft server from anywhere right on your Windows Phone device! Features: - Full support for vanilla Minecraft (Minecraft without mods) and for Bukkit servers - Full text-color support for Bukkit

BioPHP - PHP for Computational Biology  v.1.0

The project aims to extend the PHP scripting language to enable PHP developers to write bioinformatics applications more rapidly than if they had to start from scratch using "vanilla php".

XApperator  v.1.0.1

A Perl based lightweight application controller framework which uses XML to store individual application's configuration, functionality, behaviour and messaging, and uses XSLT to transform XML data structures into vanilla web management interface

Battle Pool  v.1.020

Battle Pool is a 3D turn-based strategy game. It's very similar to a pool game set-up, but has a unique storyline attached.

Workflow Island  v.4.0

Workflow Island for free. Use the Administrator to design and administer your processes. Set up the Engine to implement your processes.

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